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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Sweet Master Suite

The Master Suite.  It sounds so fancy doesn't it?   I always want to say it with a fancy British accent like your butler is showing you… “and here is the master suite.”  It should be your retreat, your resting place.   But rarely does this happen.

Most of the time you've got a bed and a chair with 10 pairs of the husband’s pants hanging on it.  Oh and don’t forget the dresser with the TV and cable box on top.  Don’t even get me started on the bathroom.  Most likely it’s not functional; something like you have a giant bathtub and never take baths
“oh but for resale” blah, blah, blah
And you most certainly don’t have enough storage.
It’s the last place you want to redo because “Nobody sees it”.

I know because it is the same for me.  It’s on the list of things to do, but we haven’t gotten to it yet.

BUT when a client hires me to do a master suite, it’s the best!  And all those “should be’s” are so true!  It should be a retreat, it should be a sanctuary, it should be functional for YOU, and it should have lots of storage (ok so that was a have, same thing)

I did this Master Suite for one awesome couple! They have a contemporary, rich, yet earthy style.  We had to work with some things they already had updated, like the flooring, and cabinets, but they really went ahead and completed the whole room to make it a warm and inviting retreat. 

The wallcovering in this room is amazing!  The pictures don’t do it justice so I’m attaching a close up of the product.   It’s a mica chip from Phillip Jefferies.

The night stands areone of my favorites too.  When I found them a Scala Luxury, I knew they were perfect for this room.

Behind that mirror is all storage, storage, storage.

 I love to incorporate plants; they always feel good in a space.  If you can’t keep real ones alive, there are some really great fake plants...ah-hem faux botanicals.  My good pal Brad from Plant Solutions put together the arrangements in this suite.  I’m really picky about my fake plants.  The ivy hanging from your mother’s oak kitchen cabinets is not Girl on Design approved.

What do you wish was in your Master Suite?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday’s Design: A Room for Him and Her

Happy Friday! 
I love Friday’s, sure I love my job, but we all need to balance work and play.  
A little rest and relaxation.

Sing it!.... Everybody’s work-ing for the week-end.

Really I like Fridays because they are a good days to get things done in the office.  I usually don’t have installs or job site visits or contractor meetings, etc. so I’m often working on drawings, creative concepts or other fun design-y (official term) things.  

This week, I’m putting together a schematic concept for a newlywed couple’s living room. Rooms are often masculine or feminine and I do feel bad for the husbands sometimes. The women pick the design and the men are left living in their feminine spaces.   I want this space to feel both masculine and feminine so neither inhabitant feels too left out.   While I often choose custom products, it makes more sense(budget and location reasons) for this client to purchase items from retail and online outlets.  I’ll still probably recommend custom window treatments.  I usually recommend custom window treatments and I’ll get into the why another day.

Let me know what you think!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Girl On Design Signing On

So here I am, blogging.  Joining the blog-o-sphere.  I must have thought and re-thought about this a million times, but it still seems like a pretty good idea.  I guess I feel like I can help a few people make a few better decisions and that will make the world just that much better

...Ok maybe that is a little deep.  I'm really just trying to may sure you don't totally mess up your house remodel! 

I love remodeling, lets be honest everyone does!  Don't we all love a good makeover? Aren't we all enamored by the "Extreme" before and after pictures? 

Well I hate to burst you bubble, but I'm here it tell you it’s not all the glitz and glam you see on TV.   Just as no one person is the same, no two homes are the same.  It is different EVERY... SINGLE... TIME.  Unique is a better way to think of it.   As a designer we have tools, knowledge, and capability though education and experience to make the process easier.  It’s like these photos on Pinterest. 


Have you seen them?  I crack up every time.  So funny!!   "NAILED IT!"  Bahahahaha!

You think ‘Hey I can tile my bathroom’ then you can’t even get the old tile off the floor!

Leave it to the professionals.  
But which professionals?  
And how do I know what tile to use?  
Where do I find this tile? 
How much do I need?  

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Just sit back relax and follow my blog for design tips, professional recommendations, projects, design ideas and all things for your home. 

Sincerely – Girl On Design