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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday’s Design: A Room for Him and Her

Happy Friday! 
I love Friday’s, sure I love my job, but we all need to balance work and play.  
A little rest and relaxation.

Sing it!.... Everybody’s work-ing for the week-end.

Really I like Fridays because they are a good days to get things done in the office.  I usually don’t have installs or job site visits or contractor meetings, etc. so I’m often working on drawings, creative concepts or other fun design-y (official term) things.  

This week, I’m putting together a schematic concept for a newlywed couple’s living room. Rooms are often masculine or feminine and I do feel bad for the husbands sometimes. The women pick the design and the men are left living in their feminine spaces.   I want this space to feel both masculine and feminine so neither inhabitant feels too left out.   While I often choose custom products, it makes more sense(budget and location reasons) for this client to purchase items from retail and online outlets.  I’ll still probably recommend custom window treatments.  I usually recommend custom window treatments and I’ll get into the why another day.

Let me know what you think!

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