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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Favorite Places: Villagio Tile

I love tile.
Maybe it’s because of my Italian roots or, maybe it’s because my first internship out of school was with a Tile Design Specialist and I learned all the amazing things that can be done with tile and stone.    Either way it is probably my second favorite material next to wallpaper. 

Tile can really transform a space, especially with all the amazing tiles out there.  Tile companies are always coming out with new and interesting tiles.

In Favorite Places (see the title) I'll be featuring a local vendor I love and use.  Listen, it’s not like I’m giving away my secrets, I'm happy to share my awesome vendors.  I’m a designer, therefore I design.  If you can design –select the proper materials, be certain they all “go together”, draw up a plan your installer can follow, be sure you have the right trim pieces, estimate and order the quantity needed, etc.- then you don’t need me.  But if you can’t do all that then I’d recommend a designer (wink, wink)

Anyway back to the local vendor…  I love everyone at Villagio Tile.

Christina, Christine and Lisa

  They are SO nice, so helpful and they carry a large variety of tiles in a variety of price ranges.  From traditional to contemporary, they have the whole gamut and their showroom is really touchy feel-y so you can move things around and see how different tiles work together.

This week, I’m working on a kitchen backsplash/fireplace project and I've pulled tiles from Status Ceramics.

So PRETTY!!  Status is a pretty cool company too. All their tiles are handcrafted here in America.  Yup America!  They are a little pricier than there China wannabes, but the glazes and finishes are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

What do you think about glazed tiles like these from Status?

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